Mobile Touch Slot Reviews

Mobile gaming is currently the biggest growth sector of the online gambling industry, as it is in many other online industries. As a result, game developers are now dedicating significant resources to creating mobile specific formats, known as ‘touch’ versions, of most games. Games are now even being developed either exclusively or initially in touch format. Let’s take a look at a couple of the new touch slot games to be released.


A Lucky Mobile Slots production, Starburst is part of the new generation of video slots developed specifically for mobile devices, rather than adapted to be responsive to smaller screens. Starburst follows the trend of the likes of Candy Crush as a game with bright, exploding icons and visually on first glance is a minor tweak on a tried and tested formula.

Net Entertainment’s Touch slots for mobile are now well-honed and with sliders to raise and decrease your bids and the paylines in play the user interface is convenient and slick. As a good example of the gem-burtsting genre Starburst keeps it simple and has effectively adopted the ‘less is more’ approach. There is only one bonus feature but as a ‘two-way-win’ slot, meaning paylines work in both directions, the variance is not too poor to become uninteresting. There are 10 paylines in all and if you are looking for a simple, fun Touch slot that has a good level of payouts and level of prizes then you could do worse than to give Starburst a whirl.

Jack Hammer Vs. Evil Dr. Wuten 

This is actually the first of two Jack Hammer mobile Touch slot games and many gamers on seeing both options go straight for Jack Hammer 2, under the mistaken impression that the sequel is bound to be an upgrade on the original game. While this may often be the case my personal opinion that at least with regards to the Jack Hammer games the opposite holds true. A Net Entertainment slot, the payout is set at an enticing 97%. Although the second game has a mind-boggling 99 reels which one might suspect meant more chance for payouts than the 25 of this first game the inverse is the case. In the original game the maximum win in the free spins games is £30,000, compared to a comparatively stingy maximum win of £5000 in the younger brother.

The graphics here are bright and colourful and the sound effects manage to tread that fine line between being cheerful without slipping into the annoying. This is a fine line that the sequel doesn’t quite manage to tread and the sound effects can become quite grating after a while. The usual convenient Net Entertainment interface for Touch slots is present meaning you can control bids and paylines on the small screen of a mobile phone easily even if you suffer from ‘fat fingers’ syndrome. A good way to while away an hour or two travelling.