New Video Slots

Video slot fans are always on the lookout for the best new games to be launched onto the market. With so much choice out there let’s give you a helping hand by looking at some of the most recent launches and giving you an insight into whether they are worth a spin.

Owl Eyes

If you happen to be both a nature and wildlife fan as well as an online casino and video slots enthusiast then you should definitely give Owl Eyes a spin. With 50 paylines this is a game that has an interconnecting structure almost as complex as a natural ecosystem, which is somehow fitting for a video slot with a nature theme. British woodland may not be the most dramatic wildlife and nature theme, but why should homage not be paid to our nature as well as the traditionally more popular jungle and safari wildlife themes?

In saying that, the visuals in this game have some room for improvement. As well as the inevitable owls amongst the symbols there are also other woodland inhabitants such as badgers and squirrels further representing the fauna and mushrooms and acorns on the side of flora. And there is a slightly bizarre combination of the two in the form of a tree, with a face, doubtlessly inspired by Tolkien’s Ents!

The owls acts as wilds and stacked wilds but only when appearing on reels two to five in the base line and the maximum five bonus spins which can be achieved is not particularly generous. All in all this game is not the stand-out amongst the autumn’s new releases and will only really appeal if you like the theme though visually that is also not made the most of.

Jazz of New Orleans

Jazz of New Orleans was actually launched during the summer months, an unusual launch date for a new slot game, but perhaps it is in keeping with the sultry southern summer nights that this homage to the birthplace of jazz music evokes. Jazz of New Orleans is a mobile slot game and actually looks and feels better on the smaller screen of a phone compared to on a tablet.

It’s a simple 5-reel and 5-payline game but the paylines do work in both directions to add enough variety to proceedings. Bids start from £0.01 per payline and go up to a maximum of £2, meaning at your most extravagant you can spend up to £10 per spin. Wilds, scatters, free spins and a traditional gamble mode all feature. As might be expected, the strongest element to this game is it’s sound track which really does feature some high quality jazz and is something a little bit different to the usual sound effects and music that accompany video slot games. Worth a spin!