South Parks: Reel Chaos Review

In the follow-up to Net Entertainment’s first South Park video slot game all your favourite characters are back in Reel Chaos, but this time in the form of their superhero and supervillain alter egos. The game is again a 5 reel, 20 payline affair and has been built to include players of all means with spins ranging from 20p to £100, depending on the level you set.

Butters, in his dastardly guise as Professor Chaos is out to take over South Park and Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny have to stop him. And all of the action takes place with an array of features such as wilds, multipliers and the Epic Bonus Spins mini-game. The graphics and backing music and sound effects have been plucked straight from a South Park episode and all add to the slick feel this game exudes.

Each of the four main characters has their own mini feature. Cartman provides the stacked wilds as he searches for General Disarray. As he clambers up and down the reels he creates stacked wilds which when they build up to two or three can generate some very respectable wins. Kenny is the source of the multipliers as a multiple of 3 to 5 is added to your win as Kenny’s Batman-style masked vigilante wrestles with Professor Chaos. Stan contributes a Multiplying Re-Spin bonus when he repairs the reels with a cognitive blast of thought power which leads to all 5 reels re-spinning until they fall into a winning combination. This can lead to you hitting a maximum of 1,212 your initial bet if you get the most powerful combo. Kyle’s bonus feature is Overlay Wilds which are created when he zaps the evil minions, which are hamsters in masks, with his lazer beams. The result of this scrimmage can be between 3 and 5 overlay wilds. Get those in the perfect order and you could end up with a very healthy win.

If you manage to get three bonus symbols on the odd-numbered reels this activates the Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus Spins. Here Mintberry, a half man half berry superhero, fights each of the four villains, which include the evil hamster minions. Every time you get a winning combination with a spin it deals a super blow to one of the villains and every time nothing comes up on a spin Mintberry Crunch sustains a hit. If Mintberry can vanquish all four villains before his own health meter is exhausted you can win 260 times your wager. Not bad at all, as well as highly entertaining.